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Paul Essick

Headed by Paul Essick, his 38 years of experience with housing development provides a unique opportunity to work directly with Paul Essick, who started the 16 unit per acre Detached Single Family concept in 1994 and the 33 unit per acre townhouse program in 1987. Upon completion of his architectural studies at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Paul began his apprenticeship in Beverly Hills with a multi task architectural firm. Some of the projects he worked on were themed restaurants industrial parks, famous museum remodels and additions on a number of housing projects.

In 1977, Paul Essick joined Vito Cetta and Associate architects as a project manager. He helped build this firm from a six person to thirty man office. Upon obtaining his architectural license in 1979 he became a partner in the firm which was one of the largest housing architectural firms in Southern California, with one of the largest volumes of projects under his supervision. In 1983 Essick Associates/ Paul Essick Architects was established.

The first couple of projects were a new City Hall for the City of Westlake Village, preliminary design for a Byzantine Catholic Cathedral, Rectory, Chancellery, a beach front home and a faculty housing project off campus for UCLA. Since then, some of the major projects have been city redevelopment, agency infill housing programs, mixed-use in conjunction with the University California, Riverside and the City of Riverside redevelopment agency for a 300,000 square foot commercial mixed-use project on 17 acres.

Through this time period Paul has worked on hotels, townhomes, mixed-use infill programs and senior housing for some of the larger development companies in California. Always with the client's cost and profit balance at the forefront of the design. His creative personal attention and knowledge of the market place particularly for pedistrian scale commercial and mixed use infill housing has been rewarded with highly coveted building industry awards and trends, which have been leading the standards for Southern California life style, from high tech, beach front homes, clustered affordable housing, communities, to richly scaled retail/ mixed-use villages and trend setting unique multi-story condominium projects. Paul Essick has set new standards throughout three decades that are more relevant today than ever before and is looking forward to designing projects in this ever changing culture and market place today and into the future .

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